Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, we take MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover Card. Customers may also pay using PayPal.

If you choose to use PayPal, then you will also have the option to pay by eCheck. Be advised that eCheck transactions take 3-4 days to clear and merchandise does not ship until the transaction clears.
First, check your email. You should receive an email with tracking information as soon as your order ships.

You can also track your order by clicking on My Account in the upper right corner, logging into your account, clicking on the order you want to track, and finally clicking the tracking number on the order.

* In some cases, a tracking number will not be available to view through your account. International packages and orders that require more than one package are such cases. We will try to email this information to you if available.
We have a very generous 60-day return policy for unused merchandise. Click on the Returns tab at the top of the page for more information.
Did you check out as a guest? If you checked out as a guest, and did not create an account after checkout, then you do not have an account in which to log in. You also cannot request a password change, because you didn't create an account with password. Send us an email and we can change your account status so that you may request a password reset.
We strive to bring you the best prices on the products that you need. Most products are discounted off of the MSRP. If a product has an airline price set forth by the manufacturer, then we ask for your employment information in order to see the discounted price in your cart.
Some items have strict pricing guidelines set forth by the manufacturer. In these cases, we will show to the general public the lowest price that we are allowed. By proving that you are an airline employee, you may see the product in your shopping cart at the "airline price".

***The Flight Attendant Shop does not share or use this information other than to help verify that a customer is an airline employee for the purposes of adhering to manufacturer pricing policies.
No. The Flight Attendant Shop is an online only merchant. Our shipping address is for shipping only.
No. This website serves as our product catalog. Please call or email if you have additional questions about certain products.
The airline specific merchandise that we do sell comes from manufacturers who pay royalties to the airlines for using their intellectual property. At this time, The Flight Attendant Shop does not plan to manufacture or have third parties make products featuring specific airline artwork.
Coupons may be included in email correspondence and/or newsletters. Coupons may also be included with shipments to be used for your next purchase or to give to friends. These days, our Facebook page will be the place where we announce coupon codes and sales.

Gift Certificates can be purchased from The Flight Attendant Shop by browsing our "FA Gifts" section.

Coupons that we issue will generally be for a percentage discount off of the subtotal of the merchandise being purchased. Coupons will usually expire one year from the date of issue. Only one coupon may be used in an order.

Example of 10% Off coupon being redeemed:

Merchandise Sub-Total $50.00
10% Coupon -$5.00

New Sub-Total    $45.00
Shipping Charges    $5.00

Order Total $50.00

For Minnesota residents, sales tax will be applied to the sum of the discounted merchandise subtotal and shipping. Yes, sales tax is applied to shipping costs. See the following:

MN Sales Tax Fact Sheet

Gift Certificates:

Gift Certificates, when redeemed, are treated like any other form of payment. That is, they are applied to the Order Total.

Example of $50 gift certificate being redeemed:

Merchandise Sub-Total $50.00
Shipping Charges    $5.00

Order Total    $55.00
Gift Certificate    -$50.00

New Order Total    $5.00       

More than one gift certificate may be redeemed in the same order. One coupon may be used in conjunction with gift certificates.

Gift Certificates do not expire.
First, refer to our returns policy by clicking the tab at the top of the page. Second, refer to the manufacturer's warranty (if it has one) for your product. Merchandise that was purchased within 60 days and meets the manufacturer's warranty requirements may be replaced or returned for a refund. Merchandise purchased over 60 days ago should be referred to the product manufacturer for warranty service.
You may have entered your email address in order to start an order to find out what your shipping options are. You may have been given a default password. Try logging in using your email and 'password' as the password. If that does not work, please call and we can clear out any email addresses you may have entered or take your order over the phone.
We do not repair luggage. Please browse our forum for luggage repair tips. Check your local listings and product manufacturer for luggage repair services. Send us an email describing your luggage repair issue and we will be more than happy to assist you in finding a solution to your problem.
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