Top Popper Can Opener

*Due to a world-wide shortage of top poppers, we are out of smalls. We hope to have more soon.

The Top Popper allows you to easily open cans of soda. The innovative Top Popper can opener simply slips on the index or middle finger between first and second knuckles and has a comfortable glossy nickel-colored finish. To open, just slide the hook on top of top popper toward you to effortlessly open cans without broken nails. Available in Small, Medium, and Large. The descriptive image shows the diameter of the rings.

In general, if you have small fingers, get a small. If you have large fingers, get a large. Everyone else should be good with a medium. Remember, it only has to go over your first knuckle.

If you had the gold rings in the past, these rings (especially the medium) may be a little larger than you are used to.

Item No: TP

Top Popper Can Opener
Top Popper Can Opener

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