Air Repair Rescue Balm
AIR REPAIR™ Rescue Balm. A preservative-free, all-purpose salve that contains a nourishing blend of nature’s most potent emollients. Helps prevent trans-epidermal water loss, a primary cause of dry skin.

Instructions: Can be used wherever skin is dry. Makes an excellent lip balm and hand salve. Apply as often as necessary to alleviate dry, flaky skin. Locks in moisture for hours.

26.6 ML / .9 FL OZ Made in USA

* It is 100% natural, preservative free and chemical free
* makes an excellent lip balm
* can be carried on a plane to protect skin and lips. Be sure to pack it in a one-quart zip lock type bag (per TSA regulations) so you can clear security with carry-on cosmetics.
* great as a sport salve, especially when going into cold and high altitude environments such as skiing, mountain climbing, hiking, etc. Also, you can apply this rescue balm before and after swimming.
* great salve to use to help heal hands and cuticles for professionals such as cooks, bartenders, etc.

Air Repair products are created to help relieve environmental stresses on your skin. Whether you’re flying – or going from sun to snow, these changes can cause the skin to look and feel dry, dehydrated and tired.

These versatile, high-quality skincare products help to protect and maintain skin’s moisture and suppleness under any conditions. These are a must for daily use as well.

Why Air Repair?

* Targeted, double-duty products help soothe and heal, restoring skin’s health and radiance.
* Petroleum, Mineral Oil and Paraben free.
* For use on every skin type and in all climates.
* Ideal for daily skin care use.

Air Repair Rescue Balm

Item No: VISAR2RB1
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