Metal CAPTAIN Identification Tag

The Metal CAPTAIN Tag is a zinc coated steel tag. Place the tag inside your luggage and TSA screeners will know your bag is a crew bag when it passes through the x-ray. The metal tag was developed by a TSA screener.

The 1.5 x 5 Tag goes into a noncluttered pocket of your luggage to identify the contents of your bag as belonging to you.

Each Metal CAPTAIN Bag Tag only weighs 1.1 ounces.

Put a Metal CAPTAIN Bag Tag in each of your bags, particularly your lunch or food container bag. Each CAPTAIN Bag Tag comes in a Clear Vinyl Sleeve to protect the bag tag and preserve your luggage contents. Each Vinyl Sleeve holding the Bag Tag can be attached to the outside handle of your bag, if you wish. CAPTAIN Bag Tags work best inside your luggage.

Using CREW Bag Tags is an idea whose time has come.

Stop dropping bowls, and waiting to get the attention of busy Security Personnel.

Stop yelling, "Crew bags", to Security personnel.

Load your bags, pass through Security, pick up your bags and go!

Our Price: $10.75

Item No: CBTCaptain

Metal CAPTAIN Identification Tag
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