Secrets of a Metaphysical Flight Attendant

Secrets of a Metaphysical Flight Attendant, by Rebecca Tripp (with Bryna René*) is a spiritual memoir that explores the symbiotic relationship between thought and reality, and proves that we really do have the power to create our lives. With lighthearted wit, piercing clarity, and unapologetic insight, Rebecca delivers an astounding tale of a life lived in motion.

In 1967, Rebecca left her sleepy seaside town to navigate a new life at 35,000 feet as a "Sky Goddess" with United Airlines. With barely a flicker of her false eyelashes, she was plunged into a rapidly-shifting world of glamour gods and Playboy bunnies, first-class fliers and spiritual seekers. As a fun-loving Stew, Rebecca literally had the world at her feet. Yet, something was missing. Life was coming at her - not the other way around. How could she take back the controls and create the life she really wanted?

Over the next 35 years, through many adventures both enlightening and traumatic, Rebecca transformed herself from doe-eyed innocent to mature, powerful manifestress. Tapping the power of the spiritual realm, she overcame fear, doubt, toxic relationship, rape, and even cancer - simply by shifting her thought. Her experiences, shared with the wisdom of a lifetime, demonstrate the we all have the power to heal our minds and bodies, and create our lives according to our greatest desires.

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Secrets of a Metaphysical Flight Attendant

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