SKY-HIGHS™ Women's 15-20mm Flight Socks

SKY-HIGHS™ Women's 15-20mm Flight Socks
SKY-HIGHS™ Women's 15-20mm Compression Microfiber Flight Socks are trouser / travel support socks that women love, in super comfortable microfiber nylon and lycra. Support and style in one, great for shorts, skirts or slacks. Light rib for an elegant dress or casual look and very comfortable, at a great price.

*Easy to put on and take off, soft, microfiber nylon feeling *Reciprocated (reinforced) heel with comfortable toe pocket
*Soft comfort, non-restrictive, top band, for great “stay up” performance
*Medically approved graduated compression, recommended to relieve tired, aching and swollen legs, and symptoms of mild varicose veins.

The compression rate of SKY-HIGHS™ Women's 15-20mm Compression Microfiber Flight Socks is 15-20mm Hg. 100% of the compression is at the ankle and lower leg, where it is needed the most to boost circulation. Soon after wearing these pantyhose, you will begin to experience soothing, healthful, and improved circulation in your legs and feet. Compression level is always quoted at the ankle. Profiles of compression are measured by how much pressure is required to elevate a column of Mercury (Hg) a certain distance, as measured in millimeters (mm).

Compression Hosiery and Socks works hard to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis "DVT"and Economy Class Syndrome. DVT is a serious condition, blood clots form in the major arteries, usually in the lower leg or ankle area. This occurs without warning and symptoms may be unnoticeable until the clot has traveled to the lung or brain.

Researchers have found that compression hosiery can decrease the risk of DVT. Compression hosiery forces the surface veins back into the deeper vein network and increases the rate of blood flow forcing blood up the leg where it is needed most.

Consider how many pairs you buy now and how frustrating it is when they run on day one! Stop wasting money on poorly constructed hosiery. These are made to last!

SKY-HIGHS™ Women's 15-20mm Flight Socks

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