Terra Maxima Instant Well-Being Kit - Closeout!

Instant Well-Being Anti Jetlag travel system: the smart travel companion. Includes: Skin Power Face Spritz (.7oz), Oxygen Cool Face Fluid Moisturizer (1oz), Instant Face Lift (1oz), Light Speed Cleanser Wipe (1), Clean Hand Therapy Wipe (1), Soothing Footpad Wipe (1), Hydrating Eye Mask (1)

> For nomads, globetrotters, world travelers, adventurers, cosmopolitans, active sports, business & leisure travelers alike

Travelling today, can be exhausting, but doesn't have to be. Well prepared, you'll turn any trip into a journey of bliss.

TM's Instant Well-Being Anti Jet-Lag travel system is the intelligent skin and body care on-the-go.

The products are formulated for the on-board climate and your specific travel needs when travelling:

- humidity below 20%
- radiation 64 times higher than on the ground
- a traveler's increased exposure to dirt and bacteria
- recycled air and cabin pressure
- ease of use in cramped spaces and limited or no access to water

Ultra light, they fit in any pocket or purse.

Our products intelligently hydrate, protect, energize, clean, disinfect and help you instantly recover.

Whether going on a camping trip, climbing a mountain peak, discovering a desert or other parts of planet earth, Terra Maxima Instant Well-Being travel series is the right equipment in any travelers pocket.

You not only fly & travel healthier, but you'll need less baggage and increase the quality of your journey by a multiple.

Unisex, for all skin types. Refillable, PEG and paraben free.

List Price: $45.00

Our Price: $38.00

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